Chet Curtis

Chet Curtis is An American news anchor currently working at NECN. He was born in 1939 as Chester Kukiewicz later on adopting the name Chet Curtis for his professional career. He is probably better known for his relations with his former wife as well as former co-anchor Natalie Jacobsen .The two were house hold news fondly referred to as chat and Nat before their divorce which made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Early life and education

Curtis grew up in New York and initially wanted to become an artist he even featured in a show 'out of schenectady' when he was a teen.

He is a graduate of Ithaca College with his college mates describing him as a student who was deemed for greater heights he had a maturity beyond his young age. At just 16 in Ithaca he would run a one hour talk show fro his fellow students where they would discuss current issues.


His TV career began at WTOP in Washington in the summer of 1963.He also had a short spell at WCBS in New York. In 1968 he got a job at Channel 5. It is while at Channel 5 co-anchoring news with his former wife Jacobsen that Chet became so wildly known. They were among a small number of couples on air. The two had a chemistry on air never matched before and drew more viewers for channel 5.After the birth of their daughter in 1981 the couple received more than 5000 cards from their avid fans. Just to show how much they were watched.
Chet joined NECN in 2001shortly after his split with his co-anchor wife Jacobsen. His deployment from the highly rated 5 o'clock news to an unpopular newscast on Sunday brought his career crumbling down.

NECN saw an opportunity and quickly signed Curtis. He has transformed the stations ratings with more than 3.6 million people tuning in to watch every day. He now anchors the 5 o'clock news as well as the hosting the prime time show. He is due to end his tenure at the station in August when his contract expires but many people believe it will be renewed.

Curtis first married in 1960 Helen Wagner their relationship ending in 1974.Together they had two children Dana and Dawn .Later he married Natalie Jacobson in 1975 and had along relationship which had its fair share of problems they later separated in the year 2000.The two had a daughter Lindsay born in 1981.
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