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Chris Jansing - Everyone knows her as the face of msnbc and NBC News, the beautiful Chris Jansing.

Everyone knows her as the face of msnbc and NBC News, the beautiful Chris Jansing. She is a TV icon and a role model to many people. She is both a correspondent for msnbc and the NBC News and a daytime anchor for msnbc. That's the only thing people know about Chris Jansing but here is a more inside story on the great anchor of our time. Back Ground of Chris Jansing Chris of Christine Jansing was born on 30th January in the year 1957. Her birth name was Christine Kapostasy. She was born in Ohio in Fairport Harbor. She has 12 siblings and she is the youngest child of Joseph and Tilly Kapostasy. The Birth of the Best Female Anchor Ever She was introduced to journalism when she was still in college back in Ohio. But in college she used to do college radio and that is where her passion started. She was studying political science in college and after a while in the journalism field she changed majors to broadcast journalism and graduated in the year 1978. From The Beginning of the Career In the late 1970s Chri began working for AM radio anchor at WOKO which is now referred to as WDDY in New York. Between 1980 and 1991 Chris Jansing was working at WTRY-AM which was later changed to WOFX (AM) in New York. After that she was hired by WNYT an Albany New York as their general assignment reporter. Chris Kapostasy was later promoted as an anchor which led to her working together with news anchor legend Ed Dague. This was the show that ruled Albany TV for decades. In 1996 Chris was given the Emmy award for the coverage she did of the 1996 Olympic park bombing which happened at the Olympic Games in Atlanta. In the same year, she also received a "Best Person" award for the report she did on Hunger in New York by the New York Broadcaster Association. This was just some of the many great achievements kapostasy has been awarded over the years. She began working for msnbc in 1998. That's when she dropped Kapostasy and started using her married name Jansing. She began with reporting for Dateline NBC and was a sub for the weekend today. After a while she become the best anchor that msnbc has ever had. Since then she has worked on many major stories that made her be known as the face of msnbc.
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