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John Charles Daly - He was a well know journalist and a popular radio personality who kept everyone entertained whenever he did a show.

John Charles Daly was born in February the 20th in 1914 and died on February 24th 1991. He was a well know journalist and a popular radio personality who kept everyone entertained whenever he did a show. He is also well known for hosting a game show. But his greatest show was when he hosted a panel show that was titled what's my line. Personal life Daly was the second born and had two brothers. His father worked as a geologist in South Africa Johannesburg but he fall ill of tropical fever and later died which forced his mother to move him and his brothers back to Boston. In Boston he was able to finish his post secondary education in the Boston College, but this is before he graduated from the Tilton School where he became one of the boards of directors in the same institute. John Charles Daly was married twice with the first marriage been with Margaret Griswell Neal in the year 1937. With Margaret, Daly was blessed with two sons and one daughter, names John Charles Daly iii, John Neal Daly and Helene Fitzgerald Daly respectively. The two divorced in 1960 and on the same year in December 22nd Daly got married to Virginia Warren who was the daughter of chief justice Earl Warren. The two couple were blessed with three children and stayed together for almost over thirty years until his death. Career in radio His first career in journalism was in radio broadcasting whereby he reported for the NBC radio station. After this he joined WTOP which used to be called WJSV which was an affiliate pogrom for the CBS radio network. Most CBS listeners knew Daly as the announcer for any speech that the president made. But Daly later moved to new yolk city where he joined and became an anchor of the world today. The highlight of his broadcasting career came when he made two historic announcements one of them being he was among the first to make the announcement on the attack on the pearl harbor also he was on the front line with the latest proceedings when president Franklin Delano Roosevelt died. Television career John Charles Daly was first appear on the screen as a panelists on a game show named celebrity time this went ahead to propel his TV career even further since he got a job as a host in the what's my line program. The show was aired on a weekly basis for almost seventeen years and Daly hosted every single one of those episodes.
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