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Discovery Channel - It was in two thousand and six that the channel was able to garner seven awards nominations for Emmy, and this was in relation to some of its prime time programs such as The Flight That Fought Back And Deadliest Catch.

It was in two thousand and six that the channel was able to garner seven awards nominations for Emmy, and this was in relation to some of its prime time programs such as The Flight That Fought Back And Deadliest Catch. There were announcements by the channel's management to the effect that there were some new series which were to be introduced in the year two thousand and eight. Currently, this is the most distributed cable network in the United States, and it reaches a total of more than ninety two million households. Globally, the channel has a total audience which of four hundred and thirty one million homes in one hundred and seventy countries. Some other versions of the channel are available in numerous other countries. The most popular of the programs which are aired on this channel happens to be one program which is in relation to the facts surrounding sharks referred to as Shark week. Shortly before the tour de France cycling tournament had kicked off in the year two thousand and five, Discovery channel announced that it would be sponsoring some professional bicycling team starting the following year, and this offer included the seven time tournament winner, Lance Armstrong. This was only to last until the year two thousand and seven, when the tournament was won by none other than Alberto Contador, and this led to it's claiming that it had retired from cycling sponsorship. The channel is known to have lent its branding retail stores in various malls and a host of other locations across America, and this was inclusive of an online store as well. On May in the year two thousand and seven, Discovery communications is said to have announced that it was closing its entire mall based and stand alone malls. Talk of diversifying their services and the channel made a stint when it started its Discovery Radio channel, which used to air audio versions of some of the television channel's popular programs. Previously, Discovery used to be on XM satellite radio before it was dropped in early September the year two thousand and five. In partnership with the Lowell Observatory, the channel is funding the construction of Discovery channel telescope. Other than being the provider of information relating to issues such as science, technology and history, the channel also runs a website which features some exclusive browser games and other various science based challenges. The channel's first logo used to involve a television screen which pictured a map of the world. It was in nineteen ninety that the 'THE' word which used to be part of the logo was dropped, before the globe became a permanent feature, and as if to replace the removed word, a strap was added at the bottom. It was during this changing of the logo structure when the company started expanding and also launched quite several new networks. Most of he newly launched networks would also use the Discovery channel network logo, and in some other times, they would also restructure it while still maintaining the basics. Currently, the channel offers twenty nine network brands which are offered in thirty three languages. In quite a number of countries, the Discovery channel is available on digital satellite with multiple subtitles. Since the year two thousand, the channel has always been displayed using Bulgarian subtitles by all of the other cable providers. The discovery channel in Canada has a completely different ownership structure from that of the original Discovery channel. The main difference comes in due to the fact that the Canadian one comes with an added content which is suitable to the Canadian viewers, and this is despite it's retention of the American type of content. Africa happens to share a schedule and programming of the Discovery Channel with South Africa, Turkey and the Middle East. The channel together with its other channels such as the Animal planet and the Discovery world are as well available on DSTV. Owing to the fact that credit card manufacturers were some of the greatest advertisers in the channel, it had to stop one of their popular programs from airing an episode which was aimed at examining a credit card security malfunction.
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