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Meg Oliver - Meg Oliver is one of the most successful journalists that work with CBS new network.

Meg Oliver is one of the most successful journalists that work with CBS new network. Her full names are Megan Elisabeth Oliver. She was born in 1970 on 15th December in Birmingham, Michigan, USA. She went to school in University of Montana where she graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism in 1993. She has several nominations where she was nominated for regional Emmy in Northern California in 2004. Here she was in the category of "Best on Camera News - anchors." In the same year she was also nominated for the Regional Emmy in San Francisco in the category of "News Broadcast. " This was part of KGPE team for the news 47 at 11. Oliver has hosted a number if shows such as CBS news up to the minute where she has done around 165 shows in a span of 4 years. Here she has been both an anchor and reporter where she reports on different types of stories that affect the viewers. She has always been on top of her game where she made sure that she gave accurate reports on the latest news. She was always tackling all the breaking news. She is one of the most talented reporters as she gives the viewers in depth stories and is very interesting to listen to. She is also a person with integrity as she does not have scandals in her job like other anchors. She was also a correspondent with a show that is known as the early show. She has done a total number of 38 shows in two years. She was first seen on this show on 22nd September 2008. All these shows were aired on live television and were very popular with her viewers. This was a morning show where she was reporting bits for other parts of the world and they were being aired on the show. She is very thorough with her work and would do relevant research before she handles a story and would give the viewers high quality stories. Other than being a correspondent, Oliver has worked as a substitute news anchor in CBS. She has done fifteen episodes of this in a span of two years. She first worked as an anchor on 7th April 2008. In 11th February 2008 she worked as a substitute co-host for the CBS morning news. This happened when the main co-host could not appear on the screen due to personal reasons.
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