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Grimm - Grimm is a great new TV series that has gotten a lot of press over the last few months.

Grimm is a great new TV series that has gotten a lot of press over the last few months. The focus of the storyline is around a Portland detective that goes by the name of Nick Burkhardt. Nick has plenty of experience and this has led him to seeing things that many people really have not experienced, especially when it comes to gruesome scenes of crime in the past. That being said, nothing could have ever prepared Nick for the things he is about seeing. Grimm is a police detective story with a twist as he starts to see people that suddenly transform into monsters. This story is one that is certainly unique and extremely well written. As he visits a relative, he realizes that the things he are seeing are supernatural monsters. He has a task that needs completing which is him keeping a balance between man kind as it is today and mythological goings on. A wolf suddenly starts to shine through as a confidant and eventually, he becomes the biggest ally of Nick. All of this creates a path for Nick, where he finds the people that he previously thought were non existent and his path to saving the world from crime suddenly takes a twist. Grimm is unique, but the way it is structured is much like many of the other crime dramas that are on TV these days. Like many other stories of this kind, the characters from fairy tales, that were non-existent, suddenly become existent. The crimes that start to develop over time in this story are unique and extremely creative in comparison to many of the other crime dramas, which is what makes this story so great. Anyone that watches a couple of episodes of Grimm will certainly full of optimism, with the plot developing by the minute. Grimm is certainly a good crime drama and lives up to many of reviews and expectations that others have given it. Of course, the difference here is that the plot is one that develops each episode. Grimm is certainly a crime drama with a science fiction and fantasy type twist, which is why it comes across as so unique in comparison to the other TV series that are around at the moment. For those that do not want to get hooked, it would be a good idea to not watch Grimm, as it really is a cliffhanging type kind of TV series that keeps people wanting more and more over time.
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