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Homeland - Homeland (Ten Network) was developed by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon. It is an American TV series based on the 'Prisoners of War' (Israeli version 'Hatufim') that was created by Mr. Gideon Raff.

Homeland (Ten Network) was developed by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon. It is an American TV series based on the 'Prisoners of War' (Israeli version 'Hatufim') that was created by Mr. Gideon Raff. In this series Claire Danes plays a CIA agency officer named Carrie Mathison. Damian Lewis plays a U.S. Marine named Nicholas Brody. In this story Mathison is under the impression that Brody (once a captive and POW of Al-Queda) was turned by them and was now a huge threat to the U.S. The series on Showtime (a cable channel) and broadcasts in the United States. Fox 21 produces the program. It had its premiere back on October 2nd of 2011. They took the first episode and made it accessible online to viewers who would complete specific tasks. This was going on two weeks prior to its TV debut. It was renewed for yet a 3rd series consisting of 12 new episodes that will be premiering on September 29th of 2013. The series earned wide critical acclaim. It is the recipient of various awards including a Primetime Emmy in the 2012 'Outstanding Drama Series' category. In 2011 and 2012 it won a Golden Globe for 'Best TV series-drama as well as another Primetime Emmy for the 'Outstanding Lead Actor' and 'Lead Actress' in a drama series. These were awarded to Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. The story follows A CIA operations officer (Carrie Mathison) wo conducts an operation in Iraq that is unauthorized and is subsequently placed on probation as well as being reassigned to Langley, Virginia as part of the CIA Counter-terrorism Center there. While in Iraq an asset had warned Carrie about an American POW who Al-Queda had managed to turn. The job for Carrie becomes even more complicated when her own boss, who is David Estes (Director of Counterterrorism) calls her along with her colleagues to an emergency briefing. That is where Carries finds out that Nicholas Brady (U.S. Marine Sergeant) had been MIA since 2003 and now has been rescued. The rescue was a direct result of a Delta Force raid that took place on a compound that belonged to Abu Nazir (known terrorist leader). Carrie soon believes that Brody is the exact American POW that her Iraq-stationed asset had told her about. To add to the complications her superiors along with the CIA and the Federal government see Brody as being a Hero. Carrie realizes the impossibility of convincing her boss to put Brody under surveillance. This causes her to approach the only person she believes she can totally trust, and that is her long-time mentor Saul Berenson. They film this series in and around North Carolina (Charlotte). They chose this location because of the film tax credits available and for how well the atmosphere matches with nearby Washington, D.C. and Virginia (which is where this series actually takes place). Another setting frequently used is Mooresville located nearby. The executive producer (Michael Cuesta) stated that Mooresville is used for a lot of the rural-type settings with 'one stop-light on main street' town scenes. The Brody family home is located in a Charlotte neighborhood close to the SouthPark Mall called 'Mountainbrook'. Charlotte's Queens University is Morgan's college. The CIA headquarters is derived from the Cambridge Corporate Center located inside University Research Park
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