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Jim Jensen - Jim Jensen or officially known as Harold James Jensen was a former WCBS.

Jim Jensen or officially known as Harold James Jensen was a former WCBS. He was born in 1926 November 13th. One of his most notably job is when he used to work for CBS in New York. Jensen was a native of Kenosha in Wisconsin. Before he was a baseball star for the Minneapolis millers but had to end it after getting an injury. Career Baby Steps He then started a career as a sports writer for the Minneapolis tribune which is now part of the Minneapolis star tribune. He was then moved to broadcasting first starting at WLIP-AM in Kenosha and then later moved to WCCO-AM in Minneapolis. He has worked for a couple of networks since then. After the assassination of John F. Kennedy he became the ‘pool’ reporter in Hyannis Port. This made he be noticed by WCBS and he was hired by the company in 1964. He become the weekend anchorman and was also working behind Robert Trout as the backup anchor. With his greatness it did not take him long to make an impact. He immediately won a notoriety for the Robert F. Kennedy‘s Senate campaign story. And just after Robert Trout Left the WCBS network for an assignment in Europe this gave Jensen a chance to become the main anchor for WCBS. Look It’s Jensen After he succeeded trout as the main anchor of WCBS, Jensen went to becoming the new face of the WCBS. And for the next four decades he remained to be the face of WCBS newsroom. He was popular in New York because of his booming and gravely voice. Many people considered him the local Walter Cronkite. He made WCBS become a dominant station in New York after the station had gone back and forth competing with WNBC-TV. It was the number one station till the mid 80s. He was known for his perceptive question which he asked even his colleagues when working. He would at times make some of the reporter’s mortify themselves when he asked them questions that they could not answer. The Down Side He had been struggling with a drug tendency which made him opt for rehab. He was admitted in rehab for depression which was related to him loosing his son Randall who died in an accident. The legendary Jim Jensen died in 1999 October 6th in his city New York. His demise was caused by a heart attack.
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