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John Chancellor - John chancellor also known as John William Chancellor was born in 14th July in 1927 in the city of Chicago.

John chancellor also known as John William Chancellor was born in 14th July in 1927 in the city of Chicago. He was an American journalist who worked with the NBC nightly News. He was married to Barbara Upsaw and they had two kids. He died in 1996 July 12th in Princeton, NJ. He’s death was as a result of stomach cancer. Introduction John Chancellor was a well known American journalist who spent most of this career time in the NBC News. He worked as an anchor of the NBC Nightly News for 12 years since 1970. The beginning of his career He went to University of Illinois Navy Pier Campus which precise finishing the last two years of training at the University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign in 1949. He was at first a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times and later started his career in Nationwide TV as a correspondent on NBC’s late afternoon news bulletin, the Huntley-Brinkley Report. Johns’ work When he was working on The Huntley Report John Chancellor was responsible for covering all the national important news. Some of the news he cover includes the integration of the Little Rock Central High School in the year 1957. He also spent many years in Europe as a foreign correspondent. He was mostly posted in London, Moscow and Vienna. He replaced Dave Garroway as the host of NBC’s ‘Today’ program in July 1961 but he only filled the role for 14 months. He left the show in September the following year and become the political correspondent for the NBC News. He was arrested in 1964 at the republic national convention after he refused to give up his spot on the floor to “Goldwater Girls”. He was required to sign off later when the security came to get him. In 1965 he became the director of the Voice of America after president Lyndon Johnson requested for the action. He held the spot till 1967. In 1968 he returned to NBC and became the senior correspondent on his old show Huntley-Brinkley. He only did that for two years before he became an anchor on the NBC Nightly News. He held the spot from 1970 till 1982 and this was the job that defined his career. He worked along side David Brinkley and Frank McGee. Later in 1982 the great John Chancellor was succeeded by Tom Brokaw and Roger Mudd. He wrote a book called Peril and Promise.
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