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Morgan Fogarty - Born on May 22 in Maryland, Morgan Fogarty joined WCCB Fox Charlotte in 2005.

Born on May 22 in Maryland, Morgan Fogarty joined WCCB Fox Charlotte in 2005. She became the new anchor for Fox News Rising and then made a move to the FOX News @ Ten where she served as a weekend co-anchor and a weekday reporter. She then moved again and she found herself sitting next to Brotha Fred at 10.35 weeknights for the Fox News Age. She graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in Theater. She then became an anchor and producer at WHAG-TV (NBC25) in Hagerstown Maryland. She has a several accolades to her name including the first award by the Associated Press after she undertook coverage of a deadly house fire. The other award she has earned is the award of first place by the Society of Professional Journalist for her coverage of the 2002 summer drought. Morgan is married to Jeremy Fogarty. Their marriage took place in Philadelphia, PA at the Glen Foerd Mansion which is a historic home built in the 1850's and overlooks the Delaware River. The wedding was an extensive affair with Morgan's sister as her maid of honor and Jeremy's best friend as the best man. The bridal part was made up of 7 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen. She was a happy bride as she was happy to see all her friends in her wedding party as well as having married her best friend. She is an outspoken animal advocate and has given some of her time to various rescue groups in the areas of Charlotte. She also strives to look for opportunities to bring awareness of animal issues to the general public. She loves animals and this is can be seen from the way she treats her three dogs, Winston and Etta who are French Bulldogs and Maddox a Doberman Pinscher. Morgan considers herself a Charlotte resident although she was born a Yankee. She currently stays with her husband Jeremy who used to be in Philadelphia and is currently enjoying the weather change after some time in the long winters experienced in Philadelphia. She is working hard on transforming him into a real Charlotte resident and a fan of the Panthers. She is not only a good looking anchor in local News but she is intelligent, funny creative as well as talented in what she knows how to do best. Her fans can get her on some of the social networks such a Facebook or follower her on Twitter.
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