Neil Cavuto

Neil Cavuto was born in the year 1958 September 22nd Westbury in New York in USA. Working for the fox business network, he is among America's favorite TV anchors as well as commentator. He also hosts three TV programs that are aired all across the globe; one of the programs includes 'Cavuto' which appears in the Fox Business Network, the 'Cavuto on Business' as well as 'Your World with Neil Cavuto' all being aired by Fox News Channel.

But that's not all; Cavuto also wraps up the news more specifically the Business News on Local Fox Affiliates in the late night news as well as Radio Business News aired in the afternoons during weekdays.

That's not all there is to it when it comes to Neil Cavuto as he is also the managing editor who oversees all content as well as business coverage for fox Business Network , he is also a seniors vice president of Fox Business Network hence he plays a very crucial role for the success of Fox Network.

Neil Cavuto has also taken up writing and was the author of the book found in almost every book store 'More than Money'. But that was all when it came to writing as he is yet to write another book.

Education and early life
Even though he was born in Westbury in New Yolk, he never grew up there. But instead his family moved to Danbury in Connecticut when he lived for most of his teenage life. He studied in Immaculate high school in Danbury after which he went ahead to join the st. Bonaventure University. This was not the end of his education life as he got a masters degree from the American University.

Personal life
Neil Cavuto's family is of mixed race whereby his mother was an Irish American while his father was an Italian American. His childhood memories are filled with happy memories of his parents. He got married on the 15th of October in 1983 to a lady named Mary with whom they have three kids now; Bradley, Tara and Jeremy. Currently he lives with his family in New Jersey. Cavuto was diagnosed with a serious health complication which he has been struggling with for year. Doctors diagnosed him with multiple sclerosis which as a big blow to both his family and him but he has learned to live with it for years now.
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