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Offspring - Offspring premiered on Network Ten on August 15th of 2010. It's an Australian TV comedy-drama series.

Offspring premiered on Network Ten on August 15th of 2010. It's an Australian TV comedy-drama series. It revolves around an obstetrician named Nina Proudman who is around the age of 30, along with her family. It follows them as they find their way through the chaos of today's modern lifestyle. The show is a mix of graphic animation, flashbacks, fantasy sequences, and conventional narrative drama. Debra Oswald is the writer of the series working alongside the producers Irmogen Banks and John Edwards. They are both from Southern Star Entertainment. The original conception of Offspring resulted in a 2-hour show on Ten and a spin-off into an additional 13 episodes. It got the spin-off due to how impressed the TV executives were by its quality. It began its second season in May of 2011 busting out with a new double-episode premiere. Offspring was picked up again for a fourth and a fifth season on July 12th of 2012. The Cast Asher Keddie - She plays 'Nina Proudman'. She is 35 years old and an obstetrician. She is known for being exceptionally capable and for her caring and nurturing nature. But even with those credentials she constantly has to fight off bouts of uncertainty. Sometimes this is a help and sometimes a hindrance in her quest to find love for balance and fulfillment amidst all the chaos in her modern-day life. Don Hany - He plays 'Chris Havel'. He played this character throughout season one and guest starred as Chris in season two. He is introduced to the audience as a new pediatrician. He works in the same Neonatal ward as Nina. The sparks fly between them, but things soon become complicated when the estranged wife of Chris arrives on the scene. By season two's conclusion the relationship between Chris and Nina ends. Kat Stewart - She plays the part of 'Billie Proudman' who is the older boisterous sister of Nina. She's a bold and brassy woman who has no capability of lying. She is constantly at odds with Nina's family image of being the 'golden girl' or the good one. Billie grew up as quite the wild child and wants to put the stain of those years behind her. Deborah Mailman - She plays a nurse (one of Nina's colleagues) named 'Cherie Butterfield'. She is thrown into the Proudman family's spotlight once they find out that Darcy is actually the father of Cherie's unborn child. Cherie has been brought up in a strict Catholic home and finds herself deeply intertwined within the Proudman family. John Waters - He plays the charming, passionate, and devoted 'Darcy Proudman'. He is Jimmy and Billie's father. He really loves women. Darcy had never been the kind of man to settle down forever loving just one person. Being a lover of women is far too deep-rooted as defining who he is, so Darcy and Geraldine have separated for quite a while now. Darcy suddenly has a very serious heart attack. This brings about a willingness for him to commit, so Darcy and Geraldine rekindle their relationship. The producers are Imogen Banks and John Edwards. They were also the co-producers of 'Tangle'. It was John Edwards who was responsible for other successful ventures such as 'The Secret Life of Us', 'Police Rescue', 'Dangerous', and 'Love My Way'. Imogen Banks was along for these as well. Her latest involvement is working for Network Ten producing a show called 'Rush'.
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