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My Kitchen Rules - The Seven Network is where you will find 'My Kitchen Rules'. It's an Australian cooking competition game show.

The Seven Network is where you will find 'My Kitchen Rules'. It's an Australian cooking competition game show. The same team who created 'My Restaurant Rules' on the Seven Network produced this show. The reason they produced it was because of the success enjoyed by the show 'MasterChef Australia' on Network Ten. Including regional ratings as of February 4th of 2013 this program had reached a whopping 3.23 million viewers. When you want a more accurate reflection of how large the actual viewing audience was, then you use the regional rating together with the total capital city rating. The industry rarely adds them together because they are representative of discrete advertising markets. My Kitchen Rules shows every sign of really resonating well, and in particular with the regional audiences. When regional data is factored in it lifts the show's performance tremendously. It can add another half million viewers. In the last tally it added almost a million. To make a normal comparison, MasterChef normally grabs about 100,000 viewers. It's last tally showed about 200,000 which is a much smaller representation in regard to Australia's regional television markets. The show consists of five teams with two people per team. Each team represents the states in Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria, South Wales, and South Australia. After season two they included Tasmania. Then from season three and beyond New Zealand was added. They all competed against one another trying to transform regular homes into instant restaurants complete with table layouts and decorations. They tried to do all this in one pressure filled night. Every episode is focused around one team's full day of cooking/serving its own 3-course dinner. The judges and opposing teams do the eating. Once all teams have been addressed the team that ended up having the lowest score gets eliminated. Then the process gets repeated until it gets down to the last two teams. These two teams compete for the last time for winning the series and taking home the $100,000 prize. In season three it was $250,000. Season four in 2013 will have a prize of $250,000. After the 3-course meal has been fixed and served to the teams it will be up to those teams to rate the meals on a scale of 1 to 10. Then the judges (Manu Feildel and Pete Evans) will also rate them from 1 to 10 on a separate ballot. Season One - Two groups of five teams kick the show off. After group one cooks, serves, and is scored, the next one does the same. Finally there will be one team who gets the highest score and will go on to compete at the finals. Season Two - This season began on January 31st of 2011. The team that won took home $100,000 in prize money. Season Three - They increased the number of teams to twelve. There were two from New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, and South Australia, with just one team from New Zealand and Tasmania. Instant Elimination Round - The teams with the 3 lowest scores out of each group participate in this round. The ones who score lowest are immediately eliminated (like season one). The last season (fourth and current) of this cooking competition called 'My Kitchen Rules' began as of January 28th of 2013 on the Seven Network.
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