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Rake - Essential Media & Entertainment produced an Australian TV series called 'Rake'.

Essential Media & Entertainment produced an Australian TV series called 'Rake'. It aired first in 2010 on Australian Broadcasting Corp's ABC1. Richard Roxburgh plays Rake Cleaver Greene who is a barrister in Sydney. In the U.S. the series airs on the DirectTV's Audience Network. It began its second season on September 6th of 2012. It has been renewed for its third season by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The Rake is a character who earns a living as a successful barrister. He lives in a flat close to Kings X. He is divorced and sees a prostitute on a regular basis. His addiction to drugs, gambling, and alcohol is incurable. He is guilty of sleeping with the wife of his best friend and in facilitating a sexual affair between his own son and his sons' teacher. Every episode revolves around Greene putting on a defense for a different but usually guilty client. The Main Cast Richard Roxburgh - He plays 'Cleaver Greene' who is a brilliant criminal defense barrister although totally self-destructive. His testamur states he has a Bachelor of Laws degree from New South Wales University. It also states he has been admitted to the New South Wales Supreme Court. This character is a spin-off of one of Sydney's most unique and colorful barristers (and author as well) named Charles Waterstreet. Matt Day - He plays 'David Potter' who is a tax lawyer who is currently suing Cleaver Greene. At the same time he is trying to break into politics and getting help from Joe Sandilands (the Attorney General). In the second series Potter is also an MP from the Australian Labor Party as well as the acting Shadow Attorney General. Adrienne Pickering - She plays 'Melissa Missy Partridge'. This character is a former prostitute who now studies law at nearby Sydney University. She is constantly pulled between helping Greene and being Potter's girlfriend. Greene was a former client in her prostituting days and she developed some feelings for him. By the series end she finally reveals to David and Cleaver that her true identity is none other than Jane Tanner (Turner). She travels to several different European countries during the series. Then in the second series she goes back to studying law. She decides to write a book and base it on her years working as a prostitute and going by the name 'J.M. Doolan'. Russell Dykstra - plays 'Barney Meagher' who is the best friend of Cleaver and instructing solicitor. Once Cleaver sleeps with Barney's wife Scarlet, the relationship between Cleaver and Barney becomes very strained. Danielle Cormack - plays Scarlet Red Meagher who is Barney's wife. She too is a lawyer as well as being a capable criminal prosecution barrister. Keegan Joyce - plays 'Finnegan Fuzz Greene'. He is the teenage son of Wendy and Cleaver. He is unnaturally obsessed with MILFs. Geoff Morrell - plays 'Joe Sandilands' who is an NSW Attorney General. Reports of him being known as a regular customer to the same brothel where Missy worked, he becomes ashamed and depressed and commits suicide. He is then replaced by Cal McGregor who is a corrupt Liberal Politician.
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