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Tangle - Tangle is a drama series that comes to you out of Australia. It is part of the Showcase subscription TV channel.

Tangle is a drama series that comes to you out of Australia. It is part of the Showcase subscription TV channel. The series is focused around the tangled lives of two families across two generations. They film the show in Melbourne. The first screening was on October 1st of 2009. Fiona Sere, Judi McCrossin, and Tony McNamara are the writers. Stuart McDonald, Jessica Hobbs, and Mathew Saville are its directors. So far there have been 3 full seasons. The fourth one is waiting to be confirmed by Showcase. Many believe this is unlikely to happen, especially due to how long it has been since season three was originally aired. The filming of Tangle takes place in and around Melbourne. It mainly takes place in specially selected suburbs that are more affluent. Ally moves to a new house with her children in season three. It is located in Black Rock. Christine and Tim's house is located in Kew. There have been other locations used for filming as well such as Malvern East, Studley Park, and Carlton. Season One - Tangle follows the tangled lives of two families (the Williams family and the Kovac family) along with their friends and their extended families. Nat Manning (played by Kat Stewart) returns to Melbourne (her hometown) after ten long years living in England (doing the minor-celebrity circuit). She creates ripples at first that soon turn to full waves in the lives of these two clans who are already struggling from a myriad of secrets and mysteries. Ally (played by Justine Clarke) is a devoted wife to Vince (a builder played by Ben Mendelsohn). She is also the mother of Gigi and Romeo (Eva Lazarro and Lincoln Younes). She is very happy to have her sister around again. Tim (a politician played by Joel Tobeck) was involved in an affair nearly fifteen years ago with Nat. This resulted in Nat getting pregnant. This led to Tim and wife Christine (played by Catherine McClements) patching things up in their marriage and fighting hard to gain custody of the child whose name is Max (played by Blake Davis). Em is a divorcee and involved in an affair with Vince (who is married). Doctor Gabriel (played by Matt Day) secretly lusts for the married Ally. As you can see 'Tangled' is a totally appropriate name for this series. Season Two - Joe Kovac (played by Kick Gurry) is a secretive man. His brother is Vince who returns hoping to finally be accepted as part of this family that he never was allowed to be part of before. Spiros Georgiades (played by Don Hany) gets recruited to be political advisor to Tim. He soon develops a strong attraction to Christine. Tim sets his sight on becoming the Premier and throws his hat in the ring. However, he gets kicked out of his party after a very honest press conference. Ally, Gigi, and Romeo then decide to start fresh in a new home. Then Nat meets a successful young man and Sophie (Gabriel's outgoing new girlfriend) looks a whole lot like Ally (so Nat says anyway). Season Three - Tangle was renewed by Showcase for the third season back in December of 2010. Production started in June of 2011 and ended in August the same year. Kat Stewart, Catherine McClements, and Justine Clark were confirmed to be coming back. Season three will step back and analyze the way the generations separate from each other and the way the family ties are stretched.
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