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Pan Am - Pan Am is a TV series that has been getting a lot of coverage in the media, both online and offline.

Pan Am is a TV series that has been getting a lot of coverage in the media, both online and offline. The reviews so far have been extremely good, suggesting that Pan Am could be certainly a TV series that is worth a mention and worth watching. The production team have done an excellent job with Pan Am, to a point where many of the viewers are not even the target audience, but instead have simply stumbled across it, or it has been recommended by some one they no. The thing that can be said for Pan Am is that the characters are incredibly interesting. Unlike many other TV series they all have their own story to tell and the way the writers have created them makes the whole series extremely intriguing and exciting at the same time. Only time will tell how good the characters are built into, although there is a chance that it could go either way; hopefully the writers allow the characters to develop throughout the series. Something that is worth noting is that the Cold War scenario that has been put forward is certainly not one that most people would have expected. Although the first few episodes do not allow viewers to understand the true profile of Pan Am, this is an excellent start and it allows viewers to start to develop their own ideas of how the Pan Am TV series could progress and the potential that it really has. The series is really focused around the 50s era, which presents a few problems for the average film crew. Instead of having to simply shoot a good series, they need to really create one. They have managed to do this extremely well, which was really essential as it would have been a terrible show if they had not re-created the 50s look correctly. The costume design really has helped to make this show what it is. Without the correct costume design, again, this show would not be what it is today. Overall, Pan Am offers an exciting and unique form of viewing. The great thing about it is that it is something completely different and offers viewers something fresh. Initially it looks as though it could be complex to watch and maybe even confusing. After a few minutes though, most viewers will be on track with what is happening and what could possibly happen in the future.
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