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Ringer - The Ringer starts with the story of Bridget. She is on a crusade to get her life back on track as quickly as possible.

The Ringer starts with the story of Bridget. She is on a crusade to get her life back on track as quickly as possible. She has been sober now for 6 months, which she considers to be an excellent start. Everything seems to be going extremely well, then it all goes wrong. She becomes the only witness of an assassination. After witnessing the murder, she moves as quickly as possible to New York, ensuring that she tells nobody about what happened. Times in New York are changing, but Bridget is still focused on getting her life back on track. She has an estranged twin called Siobhan who she meets in New York. Siobhan has a great marriage and plenty of money and seems to be living the dream. Everything seems to be going great for these identical twins, until the boat trip. The pair go on a boat trip together and Siobhan goes missing. Apparently falling overboard, she is lost for good. Bridget in the Ringer has to think fast and she uses her sisters identity to keep herself safe. The reality is that Bridget soon realizes; her sisters life is not what she thought it would be. There are a lot of secrets that have been kept hidden relating to her marriage, her work and so much more than she could ever imagine. What this makes her realize is that she is just as in danger as Siobhan, as she is when she is herself which puts her in an extremely awkward situation. What viewers really need to understand is that this is a TV series that really takes time to develop. The Ringer is not one of those TV series that really “kicks off” from the very start and instead, it takes a few episodes for the plot to really start to develop. This is actually good because each time, it is exciting, unpredictable and constantly growing into a huge plot, rather than being predictable and almost boring to watch. The only thing that could be said about the Ringer is that it does not have the best script writing. Although the general plot, acting and filming is all good, at times it feels that it has been a bit of a rush when it comes to production. Parts of each episode seem like that they do not really belong there and they could actually do with being removed, rather than just being there for the sake of it.
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