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Camelot - Camelot had been high anticipated by many and the media were all over it when it was first released.

Camelot had been high anticipated by many and the media were all over it when it was first released. This version of Arthur was sure to be good; although it has disappointed many people. The main gripe the majority of people have with this is the lead character. Arthur is meant to be tall, well built and strong. The lead actor playing Arthur is simply none of the above and it seems the choice for the lead actor was based on a 14-17 year old female audience, rather than adults. Here is the thing though; the acting is actually quite good. It is the miscast that is the problem. However good an actor he might be, he is simply playing the wrong role and for that reason, Camelot simply does not work. The story line is questionable and does not run in line with the traditional and historical records relating to this story, although it is obvious that there are a range of different sources, so stories are always going to fluctuate slightly. For those that are expecting this to be an adult TV series, it really does not feel like it, so it is likely to disappoint. The reality is that the casting feels that it could have been better. The current cast not only do not suit the target audience, but they do not suit their roles either, which makes Camelot feel like a completely mismatch of actors, roles and story line. Not everything about Camelot is negative though. Joesph Fiennes has done a great job as Merlin. This is a unique role in comparison to anything that he has done before and to be honest, he is suited to it. Eva Green does a great job as well and if it was not for her exposing herself on a range of occasions, this truly would feel like a children's TV series. Another good thing about the show Camelot is that at the end of the series there is a huge plot twist, which keeps people interested and ready for the next series; if they manage to watch that many episodes. Overall, Camelot has been a major disappointment. In comparison to the hype surrounding it prior to its launch, it has fell short in many different areas, which is why the majority of people simply will not get into it enough to watch a full series and be hit with the plot twist at the end.
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