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Eric's final moment on the Bachelorette was ugly - Prior to the accident of the paragliding, Eric's final scene in the Bachelorette didn't go as smooth as planed as he left show with Andi Dorfman. He accuse the star of the show as playing with him.

The final scenes of the Eric that died from paragliding had been seen on the ABC reality TV dating show on Monday just weeks prior to the paragliding accident on April 23 that killed him. Eric didn’t undergo a straight-forward elimination at the rose ceremony as he was forced out early after leaving Andi Dorfman in floods of tears and shaking with anger. 'This is so far past healthy, this is so far past what needs to be happening,' Andi told Eric through her tears after the accusations of her playing the role of a 'a TV actress' with 'a poker face'. 'There is a part of me that doesn't want to even waste another minute of yours,' she told him. The terrible confrontation ended with a tongue-tied hug, where Eric left to get a car away from the show even before Andi had even reached the final rose ceremony where she would normally send home one of her suitors. She got so upset that she burst into tears begging the others not to treat her the same way. Eric’s Final word on the show was: 'Love is the most important thing in my entire life,' he told the camera as he waited to be driven away. 'It is the reason to live. Love leads to family, and those two together are what life is all about. 'I feel more ready than I've ever felt before.' Despite showing Eric last moments in the show, host Chris Harrison and Andi were shown talking about Eric rather than showing her final moments with the other hopefuls. 'We all just watched Eric Hill's last scene on the show,' Harrison said. 'Normally by now we'd all be watching the rose ceremony. But that just didn't seem right tonight. It just didn't seem important who did or didn't get a rose. Andi was uncomfortable talking about Eric as got into an ugly argument before his last moment on the show. Prior to the confrontation between the two, Andi believed that Eric is one of the best choices. At the final moment of Eric, he blamed that their love didn’t flourish because it was too formal. But, when he shared his past about his upbringing, she seemed to be moved. After that, Eric then went back later and talks about the conversation they had, which ended up disastrous. That was the time that Eric told her that she was playing him.
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