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The magician will put his life in danger this coming Satuday on BGT - Winnipeg magician Darcy Oake says that his next performance will put his life in harm's way as this might be his last performance, if something goes wrong. He wants to win the finale of BGT, so he would give in his best performance.

On Saturday, viewers can expect to get their heart pumping as Winnipeg magician Darcy Oake is planning to perform something dangerous as he competes for the top prize on the finale of the ITV’s talent show, Britain's Got Talent. The 26-year-old will be putting his life at stake, but he understand that his performance must be better than the last one and this is the only way he believes that he could top the last one. He is the son of Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster Scott Oake. Another top competitor is the wild card contenders Jon Clegg, which will see the voting public in the U.K. decide the winner. Oake hasn’t revealed what his trick would be as he is saving it for on Saturday night. He noted that he had done this several times before so there is nothing to worry about. It can be remembered that he was once suspended by his feet trying to get out of a straight jacket before a bear trap hanging from a burning rope above him becomes loose. Oake claimed that he knew that he wanted to be a magician after his father used a card trick on him when he was just a kid. "He got me to pick a card, I picked it, put it back in the pack, he shuffled the pack, pulled one out and said, 'This was your card,' and it was my card. I begged him to tell me how he did it for, like, a month and he wouldn't. And then I found out it was just a complete accident." He learned his tricks from books and from then on practicing it until he masters it. He started performing at birthday parties and gradually moves to bigger venues like shows around Canada and the U.S., and on cruise ships around the world. He was happy with what he was doing, but soon he felt like he needed to become more famous. From then on, he decides to take his act to the next level, and that is how he ended on Britain's Got Talent (BGT). The same talents show competition that launched the career of Susan Boyle. His first performance, wherein he wowed the judges as well as the audience was the illusions with doves. When I got uploaded in Youtube, it gathered whooping 25 million views all over the world. Cowell immediately realized the talent that he got and said that he's "the best magician" that he had seen on the show. He even called him a "star" and praised him for presenting magic in a non-corny way.
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