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Lou Dobbs - Born on 24th Sept 1945, in Texas, Louis Carl Lou Dobbs, used to Anchor CNNs Lou Dobbs Tonight until November 2009 when he quit the network.

Born on 24th Sept 1945, in Texas, Louis Carl Lou Dobbs, used to Anchor CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight until November 2009 when he quit the network. He had worked with CNN since it was founded in 1980 serving as a reporter as well as the Vice President. He was the host and Managing Editor of his show Moneyline which was renamed Lou Dobbs Tonight in the year 2003 He has lived in Texas and Idaho during his childhood and has a degree from Harvard University. Prior to CNN he worked in the government and banking sector and later worked as a news reporter for a number of local media outlets. After staying in CNN for 19 years he resigned in 1999, later rejoined in 2000 and later resigned in November 2009. He also host Lou Dobbs radio, a syndicated show and has written a number of books since 2001. He is known for his political views. He criticizes the excess of capitalism and advocates for the economic populism stating that the outsourcing as well as the budget deficit will threaten the Middle class American Society. He used CNN as the outlet to express his personal perspectives. He is a strong critic of the immigration policy and border security. He also switched from being a Republican to unaffiliated independent populist as he is not in support of any party. Dobbs is pro-choice and opposes gun control while he supports some of the government regulations hut has been critical of some of the trade policies. There are some controversies that have surrounded Dobbs. He has been accused of Xenophobia and Hispanophobia which he claims that hurts him deeply since his wife is Mexican American. He has also been known to say that the 7000 cases of leprosy sited between 2002 and 2005 were caused by the influx of immigrants in the country. He was also criticized for supporting investigations concerning President Obama's Presidency due to his citizenship which was supposedly ambiguous. Aside from these controversies, Dobbs has won a number of awards for his performance in television journalism. He earned the Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award and a Cable Ace Awards. For his coverage of the 1987 stock market crash, Dobbs earned the George Foster Peabody Award and in 1990, he received the Luminary Award for the Business journalism Review. He received The Horatio Alger Association Award for Distinguished Americans in 1999 and National Space Club Media Award. In 2004 he received the Eugene Katz Award for Excellence in the coverage of Immigration and in 2005 he received the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution's Statesmanship Award.
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